Top 9 tips for radiant skin

London 26 October 2018

Everyday your skin gets damaged by environmental factors eg. the sun and pollution. Achieving an incandescent complexion partly comes from using the right skincare or makeup and partly from taking care of your physical wellbeing.

1 Exfoliate

This is a basic but important piece of advice if you want glowing skin. Nowadays there are lots of different products for a range of skin types. Exfoliating regularly gets rid of dead cells and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. You can use a gentle wash everyday or an exfoliating cream two or three times a week. Always choose lukewarm water as hot water will irritate and dry out the skin. Try to find a gentle everyday cleanser that doesn’t irritate your face. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. Remember to apply a moisturising cream immediately after exfoliating!

2 Drink water

Dehydration causes appearance of wrinkles. Water is an important ingredient for your skin to keep it hydrated and glowing. Lack of water causes dry, dull skin. Try to drink at least two litres of water a day. If you don’t like drinking plain water, you can add fruits into the water eg. strawberries, apples, lemon, etc. Not only does it taste delicious but it’s also healthy and full of vitamins!

3 Do a facial massage

Facial massages can drastically improve the quality of your skin. Regular or daily facial massages and exercise will fight wrinkles better than any face cream. Plus, it will help your skin absorb more of the products you apply, ensuring they have a greater effect.

4 Sleep well

Sleep is a beauty essential. While you sleep your cells get repaired and regenerated. A good night’s rest (7-8hrs) is crucial for your skin’s health. It’s the secret to radiant, youthful skin.

5 Double cleansing

Cleansing is one of the paths to achieving beautiful, radiant skin. Before choosing the products for your routine you will need to identify your skin type eg. normal, combination, oily, sensitive, dry, ageing, etc. Clean skin will allow products to absorb better and work more efficiently. Double cleanse your face after a day in the city or a gym session. It is extremely important to remove makeup with dirt and pollution which accumulated in your pores.

6 Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables

They are high in antioxidants and help to protect your skin from environmental damage. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruits which taste just as good and contain many vitamins and beneficial minerals. A healthy diet is key to achieving glowing skin. Eating fruits also improves your mood and boosts your metabolism.

7 Use face masks

Face masks are my favourite part or my skin care routine. Everyone should use a face mask as it’s the perfect treatment for your face. The right face mask can help hydrate your skin, remove excess oils and improve the appearance of pores. When choosing your mask take into account your skin type eg. for oily skin opt for an oil reducing mask.

8 Do exercise

By doing just 30 minutes of exercise three times a week you will quickly notice an improvement in your complexion. Regular exercise has positive effects on your skins elasticity and thickness. It can help to slow down the ageing process of your skin.

9 Always wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher

Use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or above to avoid premature skin damage. Sunscreen will keep your skin save from UVA and UVB rays and give it a nourishing boost. It will also reduce the amount wrinkling and dryness your skin may experience when exposed to the sun.